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Property Services Regulatory Authority

The Property Services Regulatory Authority's (PSRA) mission is to control and supervise the Property Services Providers (PSPs) ie Auctioneers, Estate Agents, Letting Agents and Management Agents.





Multi Unit Development Act (MUD)

The MUD act which became law in April 2011, is the first piece of legislation that deals specifically with management companies and multi unit developments.


Multi Unit Development Act Summary



Contact Details

Owners are reminded of their under obligations under the MUD act to supply up to date contact details to the Management Company. The act also requires that tenant contact details are also supplied. Please supply post, phone and email details to the managing agent RF Property Management by phone (01-8881414) or email (info@rfpm.ie)



What is the difference between a Management Company and Managing Agent?

The Management Company now referred to as the owners management company (OMC) is legally obliged to oversee maintenance work and the management of common area services in multi-unit developments.


The management company (OMC) employs a professional firm known as a Managing Agent to provide maintenance and other services. The managing agent and the management company are two very different entities. The managing agent works under the instructions of the management company.



Apartment Owners Network

The Apartment Owners Network (AON) is a national voluntary organisation setup in 2007 to help support apartment and multi unit development owners in private estates that are managed by a management company. The aim of the network is to support owners and provide advice so their developments are successful and lobby for better legislation.


Apartmentowners Network