History of Hybreasal


St. Patricks House

Hybreasal used to be known as St. Patricks House and was run as a nursing home for older people by the Little Sisters of the Poor religious order since construction in 1883 until 1994. It was bought by Bovale developments and converted into residential housing in 1995 and renamed to Hybreasal. St. Patricks House is a fine example of cut stone granite building which was based on the design principles of the motherhouse near Paris.


Little Sisters of the Poor

Little Sisters of the Poor is a Catholic religious order founded in Paris by Jeanne Jurgan in the 1800's. The order went through a rapid period of expansion in other European countries but in particular Ireland and Britain, in the later part of the 19th century. In all approximately 11 convents were founded of which 8 were in Britain and 3 in Ireland.


William Henry Byrne & Co. Architects

The design of St. Patricks house while based on its French equivalent was in fact designed in Dublin by W H Byrne & Co Architects of 20 Suffolk Street who remained in existence until 2006. Bryne and Co designed numerous buildings for religious orders throughout Ireland at that time.


Origin of the name Hy-Breasal

The pdf file below gives some detailed background information on the name Hybreasal